Scour is the Leading Social Search Provider is the Leading Social Search Provider emerged on the web in 2007 as a different approach to online searches. This popular search engine is an alternative to the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Scour uses its own algorithms and its own system for ranking search results. The innovative system provides different results than what one would find on other search engines.

What Is Different? is different from the other search engine because it uses social influence to rank results in addition to algorithms that analyze content.

As an example, consider the popular social network, Facebook delivers news and updates relevant to you and your life. uses some of these same principles in populating search results. Specifically, users are able to vote results up or down based on the relevancy and/or quality of the content. When Scour is looking for results, it factors in user rankings.

As another example, consider what happens when searching Twitter. Whether you search by keywords or hashtags, the results are populated by trending content. This is similar to what Scour does because considers the feedback, rankings, and more when populating search results. In addition, users can read comments left by other users, which can help to narrow results and save time.

A Leading Alternative

As a leading alternative to mainstream search engines, offers unique results that are often more accurate and closely related to the search. Ultimately, Scour’s innovative system, which combines social interaction with Internet searching, will become a leading search engine. Is already gathered a lot of traction among social media users and continues to grow.

Bridge the Gap Between Inquiry and Results With Our Integrated Social Platform

The most amazing part about is that the more it is used, the more accurate it becomes. By participating, rankings are more accurate and more intuitive than standard search engine results. By clicking the thumb up or thumb down button, you take a role in the quality of results.’s system factors feedback and user rankings in real time, so that results are relevant to what is happening today.

Participate in Your Results with

The system is nothing new; it is been around for over five years. Instead of relying on mainstream search engines, we invite you to come here and participate in our community. Not only do users report that they find what they seek, but results are constantly improved by participation. Be a part of the future of search engines.  Use

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